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WPAdverts Classifieds Plugin - Snippets

This is official library of useful code snippets for WPAdverts - WordPress Classifieds Plugin, the codes here modify default WPAdverts behavior in some way.

Most of the codes here will never make it into default WPAdverts version mainly because they provide some functionality that only handful of users will find useful.

Using Snippets

  1. Click on the filename of the snippet you'd like to use. Each file is set up to be a WordPress plugin.
  2. Click the "Raw" button (next to "Blame" and "History") at the top right.
  3. Save the page from your browser to your wp-content/plugins folder and upload to your server. Alternatively you can compress the file as a .zip file and upload as a plugin from within WordPress.
  4. Activate the plugin from the WordPress plugins page.

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The code snippet are provided here for free without any guarantee.