Singularity container recipes to run the paraview visualizer
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Paraview Visualizer

For instructions on using the full Paraview Web directly from a Singularity container, see this post on AskCyberinfrastructre. Continue reading below for using the Paraview Visualizer via a Docker container, or Singularity container instance.


If you don't have nvidia on your host, use the Singularity recipe. If you have nvidia, use the Singularity.nv recipe:

$ sudo singularity build paraview.simg Singularity     # no nvidia
$ sudo singularity build paraview.simg Singularity.nv  # nvidia

If you need it, make a data folder to bind to on the host:

$ mkdir -p /tmp/data

Start the container instance, here we are naming it "visualizer"

$ singularity instance.start --bind /tmp/data:/data paraview.simg visualizer

You should now see the paraview interface running on


The mapping to /data is where local web applications will load files from.

Also note that you must stop local web servers, including any Docker applications running on that port.


Huge thanks to:

Interactive shell

If you need to debug interactively:

$ singularity shell instance://visualizer

Cleaning Up

And to stop the container, you also need sudo

$ singularity instance.stop instance://visualizer

If you are using Singularity 3.0 and up the instance group is now changed to "instance stop" and "instance start"