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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jan 20, 2024. It is now read-only.
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Python sdk for Sipeed Maix-II-Dock(v831). Other board please use


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This repository is DEPRECATED !

But you can remain use this repo for Sipeed Maix-II-Dock(v831) board.

Now we recommend to use Sipeed/MaixPy and new hardware platform, more info visit it.

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MIT PyPI version Python issue

MaixPy3 is a Python3 toolkit based on cpython, which simplifies the development of applications on Linux AI edge devices through Python programming.

Support Jupyter Environment

Install rpyc_ikernel kernel in jupyter notebook & lab to get an IDE that can remotely call Python code, videos, and image streaming.



  • ready linux ubuntu20.04 desktop
sudo apt update && sudo apt install libjpeg-dev gcc libopencv-dev -qq -y && wget && sudo apt install ./libffi6_3.2.1-8_amd64.deb -qq -y

python3 -m pip install pybind11 maixpy3
  • run this python code
from maix import camera, display, 0, "hello world!"))



Under linux x86_64, use python3 build && python3 -m pip install . to complete the linux package construction. If you need .whl pre-compiled package, please change build to bdist_wheel. For other platforms, take the version of maix_v83x as an example, match the Python3 + cross-compilation chain of the corresponding platform, and run python3.8 build maix_v83x to complete the construction of the target platform package.

Welcome to provide configurations of different platforms to MaixPy3/envs/ to adapt to the MaixPy3 environment.

Platform Status Config Progress Toolchain
linux_pc & RPi_2B working linux_desktop 70% & maixpy3_build.yml
maix_v83x working maix_v83x 99% v83x_linux_x86_python3.8_toolchain
maix_r329 working maix_r329 99% r329_linux_x86_python3.9_toolchain


Copyright (c) Sipeed Corporation. All rights reserved.

Licensed under the MIT license.