A Micropython env for Sipeed Maix One platform
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Micropython based on the Sipeed Maix one platform

Sipeed Maix one

MaixPy Introduction

MaixPy is an open source MicroPython project based on the Sipeed M1 platform. It supports a variety of peripherals on the Sipeed M1. It is designed to make programming easier.It is based on the K210-standalone-sdk.

MaixPy version is Python 3.4

For more information on MaixPy, please visit http://maixpy.sipeed.com/

Directory architecture

MaixPy directory architecture:

  • py/ -- a core Python implementation that includes the compiler, runtime, and core libraries.

  • mpy-cross/ -- the MicroPython cross-compiler which is used to turn scripts into precompiled bytecode.

  • ports/k210-standalone/ -- micropython porting code based on k210 platform sdk

  • tests/ -- test framework and test scripts

  • docs/ -- user documentation in Sphinx reStructuredText format. Rendered HTML documentation is available at http://docs.micropython.org (be sure to select needed board/port at the bottom left corner).

Platform porting code directory architecture:

  • board-drivers/ store the onboard module driver code

  • buildin-py/ firmware built-in microPython script

  • mpy-mod/ micropython module code

  • spiffs/ spiffs file system source code

  • spiffs-port/ spiffs porting configuration code

  • kendryte-standalone-sdk/ k210 sdk generated after using the build script

Build and compile

Build code:

$ git clone git@github.com:sipeed/MaixPy.git #Download sdk
$ cd port/k210-standalon/ #Enter the platform code directory
$ make build #build platform code in case of first use

Compile the code:

$ make CROSS_COMPILE=/your_compiler_path/bin/riscv64-unknown-elf-

We recommend using compiler version 7.2.0

your_compiler_path is the compiler path, about the compiler , you can see http://dan.lichee.pro/

After compiling, the micropython.bin file will be generated in this directory, and you can burne it to the Sipeed Maix One suite.

The burning method can be found at http://dan.lichee.pro/


MaixPy is an open source project and welcomes contributions. MicroPython is licensed under the MIT license and all contributions are subject to this license.