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AIoT opensource hardware platform


  1. MaixPy MaixPy Public

    Easily create AI projects with Python on edge device

    Python 76 15

  2. MaixCDK MaixCDK Public

    C/C++ development kit for Sipeed Maix ecosystem boards

    C++ 30 6

  3. MaixPy-v1 MaixPy-v1 Public

    MicroPython for K210 RISC-V, let's play with edge AI easier

    Python 1.7k 435

  4. MaixPy-v1_scripts MaixPy-v1_scripts Public

    micropython scripts for MaixPy

    Python 617 435

  5. TinyMaix TinyMaix Public

    TinyMaix is a tiny inference library for microcontrollers (TinyML).

    C 843 136

  6. Maix-Speech Maix-Speech Public

    Maix Speech AI lib, a fast and small speech lib running on embedded devices, including ASR, chat, TTS etc.

    Python 305 56


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