The Sireum Programming Language (Slang)
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The Sireum Programming Language (Slang)

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This repository holds the Slang front-end components (i.e., parser, symbol resolver, and type checker).


  • macOS/Linux

    bin/build.cmd test
  • Windows

    bin\build.cmd test

Passing test builds the Slang runtime library and the front-end, then uses the result to parse, resolve, and type check the codebase itself. After type checking, it serializes the codebase AST along with symbol and type information and deserializes them back and check for equivalence before/after de/serialization.

The above runs the Slang front-end test suite under a JVM; to run it under Node.js after the above (caution: it is a lot slower):

  • macOS/Linux

    export NODEJS_MAX_HEAP=4096 # MB
    bin/build.cmd test-js
  • Windows

    set NODEJS_MAX_HEAP=4096
    bin\build.cmd test-js