GraphParser is a semantic parser which can convert natural language sentences to logical forms and graphs.
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GraphParser is decribed in the paper


GraphParser is written in Java, and requires few external java libraries. You can install them using

./ ungrounded

Ungrounded Semantic Parser

GraphParser can parse natural language sentences to logical parses and graphs. Run the following command

cat input.txt | sh

Online demo

Online demo of GraphParser can be accessed at

Evaluation datasets

If you are interested in evaluation datasets, and the output of GraphParser on the test datasets, you can download them using

./ evaluation

The datasets will be downloaded to the folders data/tacl_splits and data/tacl_ouput.

Grounded Semantic Parser

To replicate TACL results, you will have to install Freebase SPARQL endpoint. Please email me personally.


If you are using GraphParser, please cite

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