A complete pastebin.com API wrapper for Python
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A complete http://pastebin.com API wrapper for Python

Sample Usage

Creating paste from file...

from pastebin_python import PastebinPython
from pastebin_python.pastebin_exceptions import PastebinBadRequestException, PastebinNoPastesException, PastebinFileException
from pastebin_python.pastebin_constants import PASTE_PUBLIC, EXPIRE_10_MIN
from pastebin_python.pastebin_formats import FORMAT_NONE, FORMAT_PYTHON, FORMAT_HTML

pbin = PastebinPython(api_dev_key='<unique api key>')

        print pbin.createPasteFromFile('/home/six519/Downloads/email.html', 'Email format testing 2...', FORMAT_HTML, PASTE_PUBLIC, EXPIRE_10_MIN)
except PastebinBadRequestException as e:
        print e.message
except PastebinFileException as e:
        print e.message

Code Documentation

You can read the documentation at: http://pythonhosted.org/pastebin_python/