Don't just start your Electron app... TWERKit.
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This is a TypeScript and React starter kit for building Electron apps.

Check out the docs for some of the choices and motivations.


You have to bring your own awesome. But here's a picture* after npm i and npm start and npm storybook...

* What it looks like moments before you hit the delete button to nuke all the staged features..

Out of the Box

Electron Features 💫

  • ability to build all 3 platforms on your mac
  • auto-update your apps!
  • a simple library for css styling
  • fast & fluid animation engine
  • fantastic keyboard support
  • save window position between launches
  • persist application data as JSON
  • sane styling defaults on windows, mac, and linux

Devs Like Nice Things Too 🔨

  • super-fast hot reloading 🔥
  • lean production bundles
  • integrated storybook support
  • unit tests with mocking
  • storybook snapshot testing
  • code linting & formatting

Documentation & Samples 🖨

  • how to quickly jettison parts you don't want
  • why we chose the stack we did
  • how to structure your electron app
  • a simple & co-located approach to building your components

Not Included 💣

  • lock in... keep what works for you, ditch the rest
  • state management... mobx? / redux? ... both awesome. both excluded.
  • a component toolkit

License 🎤

You down with MIT?