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Privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted Mail, Pages, Drive, and Calendar.


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End-to-end encrypted, private workspace

Skiff is a privacy-first, end-to-end encrypted workspace with Mail, Calendar, Pages, and Drive product. Sign up for a free Skiff Mail account at This monorepo contains all Skiff apps, libraries, and more. You can sign up, use, and even upgrade your account completely privately - even using an anonymous crypto wallet. Upgrade your account for more storage, custom domains, email aliases, version history, and much more.


Welcome to Skiff!

Skiff empowers free and more effective communication through private, end-to-end encrypted email. All messages sent between Skiff Mail users are end-to-end encrypted. Additionally, Skiff never stores unencrypted access to messages sent or received from external mail providers. Skiff Calendar, Pages, and Drive are also end-to-end encrypted, including all event details, files, text, and titles. Read more here.

Reusable components and UI

This library, along with Skiff UI, implements reusable, powerful design components for the Skiff product ecosystem.

Fast, instant search

This repository contains an implementation of Skiff's search indexing library, which was documented in this blog post.

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Documentation and whitepaper

Skiff Mail's technical model is documented in Skiff's whitepaper.

Mobile friendly

Skiff Mail is designed to be highly compatible with native and web mobile clients. Android and iOS links coming soon!

PD - Mobile updates 2

Using Skiff Mail

Join our discord server to give feedback and contribute to the community!

To start, check out our deployed CodeSandbox instance.

Instructions for local development can be found in skemail-web/ Please refer to for ways to get involved with Skiff open-source development.

Using Skiff Calendar

Local development of Skiff Calendar is currently being improved to support development of more views and calendar features. Stay tuned or open an issue.


Join our discord server, or email us at!