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Nib Loader

Instructs WebPack to compile and emit the required XIB or NIB as file and to return an function to interact with it.


⚠️ The loader is already included in skpm by default so if you come from skpm, you do not have to do anything.

npm install --save-dev @skpm/nib-loader

Add the following rule to your WebPack config:

  test: /\.(xib|nib)$/,
  use: [
      loader: '@skpm/nib-loader',
      options: {}


  • Create a new xib file:

    • open XCode and create a new "Cocoa Framework" project located in your skpm project with the "Objective-C" language.
    • create a new file with the "View" template
    • Use the Interface Builder to design your view
  • Add the following in your plugin command:

    const NibUI = require('../xcode-project-name/view-name.xib')
    var nib = NibUI()
    let dialog = NSAlert.alloc().init()

    The NibUI function returns an object with 2 methods:

    • getRoot which returns the root view
    • getOwner which returns the File Owner Class instance

    The object will also be populated with the Views that have an Identifier set. For example, let's say your nib contains a view with the identifier button. Then you can access this view using nib.button.

Handling events from the xib

You might need to handle some events happening in your view (for example when the user clicks on a button).

TBD (to be documented)


Same as file-loader.

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