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This project is a naive port of the r2e project to golang.


I prefer to keep my server(s) pretty minimal, and replacing r2e allowed me to remove a bunch of Python packages I otherwise have no need for:

  steve@ssh ~ $ sudo dpkg --purge rss2email
  Removing rss2email (1:3.9-2.1) ...

  ssh ~ # apt-get autoremove
  Reading package lists... Done
  Building dependency tree
  Reading state information... Done
  The following packages will be REMOVED:
   python-xdg python3-bs4 python3-chardet python3-feedparser python3-html2text
   python3-html5lib python3-lxml python3-six python3-webencodings
   upgraded, 0 newly installed, 9 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

This project, being built in go, is self-contained and easy to deploy without the need for additional external libraries.


Assuming you have a working golang installation you can install the binary via:

 go get -u

If you prefer you can fetch a binary from our release page. Currently there is only a binary for Linux (amd64) due to the use of cgo in our dependencies.


Once you have a binary you'll need to configure the feeds to monitor. To add a new feed use the add sub-command:

 $ rss2email add
 $ rss2email add
 $ rss2email add

You can view the currently configured feeds via the list subcommand:

 $ rss2email list

Or delete a feed by specifying the item to remove:

 $ rss2email delete

NOTE: Feeds are stored in ~/.rss2email/feeds, you might prefer to edit that directly. Just add one URI per line.

Once you've added your feeds you should then add the binary to your crontab, to ensure it runs regularly to actually send you the emails. You should add something similar to this to your crontab:

 # Announce feed-changes via email
 */15 * * * * $HOME/go/bin/rss2email cron

When new items apepar in the feeds they will then be sent to you via email. Each email will be multi-part, containing both text/plain and text/html parts for each new post.

Initial Run

When you add a new feed all the items will initially be unseen/new, and this means you'll receive a flood of emails if you were to run:

 $ rss2email add
 $ rss2email cron

To avoid this you can use the -send=false flag, which will merely record each item as having been seen, rather than sending you emails:

 $ rss2email add
 $ rss2email cron -send=false


Because this application is so minimal there are a number of assumptions baked in:

  • We assume that /usr/sbin/sendmail exists and will send email to the local user steve when invoked like this:
    • "/usr/sbin/sendmail -f steve steve"
  • We assume that you'll invoke it via cron.
    • $LOGNAME will be used to determine where the email is sent to.
  • The sender of the email address will be user@rss2email.invalid.
    • This matches r2e meaning my existing mail filter(s) accept it and file appropriately.