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This is the implementation of a github-action to run tests when pull-requests are opened.
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GitHub Action for Running tests

This repository contains a simple GitHub Action implementation, which allows you to run a shell-script every time a pull-request is created/updated, or a commit is made to your repository.

The expectation is that this script will run your project-specific tests, and the exit code will determine the success/failure result. A golang-project might contain nothing more than go test ./..., while a C-based project might include make && make test.


There are two steps required to use this action:

  • Create the file .github/main.workflow in your repository.
    • This is where you enable the action, and specify when it will run.
  • Create the shell-script .github/ in your repository, to run your actual tests.
    • The exit-code of this script will determine the result.

Sample Configuration

The following sample .github/main.workflow file will run tests when commits are pushed and when pull-requests are submitted/updated:

# pushes
workflow "Push Event" {
  on = "push"
  resolves = ["Execute"]

# pull-requests
workflow "Pull Request" {
  on = "pull_request"
  resolves = ["Execute"]

# Run the magic
action "Execute" {
  uses = "skx/github-action-tester@master"

You don't need to have both sections, but of course if you don't enable the action for at least one case then nothing will happen!

Sample Configuration & Output

With these two configuration-files I have configured my math-compiler project to run tests every time a commit is pushed, or a new pull-request is created/updated:

  • .github/main.workflow
    • This enables the action, and triggers it to run on pushes or pull-requests.
  • .github/
    • This actually runs some tests.
      • First of all a standard go test ./...
      • Then a custom functional-test which exercises the application.

These runs look like this:


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