Tellchima - Slack bot built with Skygear JS cloud code
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Tellchima - Skygear JS Cloud Code Demo


This bot lets you to send a message to the team with /tellchima command. The aggregated summary will be posted back to the slack channel each day at 5pm.

Demonstrated Features

This is a Skygear JS Cloud Code demo of the following cloud code features:

  • Scheduled Tasks (remind the team to post at 4pm, send a summary at 5pm)
  • Calling Skygear API (saving and querying the message records)
  • Handler (implement Slack webhook request)


  • Skygear (sign up an account at
  • Slack Incoming Webhook
  • Slack Slash Command


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Create a Skygear account at
  3. Push the repository to Skygear Cloud (see doc for details)
  4. Create Slack Incoming Webhook and Slack Slash Command
  5. Configure the bot using environment variables


The bot can be configured with the following environment variables (in settings in the portal):

  • SLACK_SLASH_COMMAND_TOKEN - The token is provided by slack to verify that the slash command really comes from slack.
  • SLACK_INCOMING_WEBHOOK - The incoming webhook is how the bot can send a message to a slack channel. Also provided by slack.
  • DEBUG_MODE - Print additional log when value is true.
  • APP_NAME - The app name, default: '_'
  • CHANNEL_OVERRIDE - Always send message to this channel, default the original incoming channel.
  • DEFAULT_USER_ID - The username that the bot will use to access Skygear. Default: 'admin'
  • POST_SCHEDULE - The schedule for sending the reminder. Please see the doc for scheduled task format. Default: '0 0 16 * * *'
  • NOTIFY_SCHEDULE - The schedule for sending the summary. Default: '0 0 17 * * *'


  • /tellchima - Send a message to the team.
  • /untellchima - Remove the specified message. It validates a generated secret given during /tellchima
  • /schedulechima - Schedule a message on a date format: yyyymmdd


Chima the cat, is the CEO at Oursky. You can learn more about him on this Facebook Page.