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Read Cppman/Man pages right inside your vim.
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Read Cppman/Man pages right inside your vim.


  • Read pages from both cppman and man.
  • Supports windows: use WSL or MSYS.
  • Jump to tag under cursor ( eg. "printf(3)" ) with C-] or K command.


Plug 'skywind3000/vim-cppman'


" Display cppman/man pages:
"     :Cppman[!] [section] keyword
"     When "!" is included, load pages from "man" command, otherwise
"     use "cppman" instead. For performance, run "cppman -c" to cache
"     all pages before this.
"     The "[section]" is only available for "man":
"         :Cppman! printf
"         :Cppman! 3 printf
"     Use "-k" to search sections:
"         :Cppman! -k printf
" Window position:
"     Option "g:cppman_open_mode" can allow you specify how to open:
"         :let g:cppman_open_mode = "vertical"
"         :let g:cppman_open_mode = "tab"
"         :let g:cppman_open_mode = "vert botright"
"         :let g:cppman_open_mode = "<auto>"
" Position modifiers:
"     Another way to indicate window position is using modifiers:
"         :vertical Cppman keyword
"         :tab Cppman keyword
"         :vert botright Cppman keyword
" Keymaps:
"     "K"       - jump to keyword under cursor
"     "CTRL+]"  - same as "K"
" Running on Windows:
"     It can use WSL to run cppman/man. If WSL is not available,
"     you can setup g:cppman_msys_home to use msys alternatively.
" C/C++ keywords help:
"     You can setup your "keywordprg" for c/cpp in your vimrc:
"         autocmd FileType c,cpp setlocal keywordprg=:Cppman
"     Than, you can use "K" in to lookup keywords in c/cpp files.



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