A SVG to PNG converter and resizer, using PhantomJS.
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svg2png-cli is a simple CLI wrapper for svg2png by Domenic Denicola. Forked from earlier work on the CLI wrapper by Luca Corbo.


It's built on Node.js and can be found in npm.

# Local installation
npm install svg2png-cli

# Global installation
sudo npm install -g svg2png-cli


Calling svg2png with no parameters, or with -h or --help, you can see the help screen. You will certainly need to crush the resulting PNGs with a tool like ImageOptim.

usage: svg2png input[.svg] [options]

Converts SVG images into PNG images, optionally resizing them and crushing them.

Pass a directory to scan for *.svg files, or pass an individual *.svg file to convert.
The output filename will be the same as the input unless a scale factor or width is used,
in which case that value will be appended to the end of the filename.

  -s, --scale   Scale the height and width by this (float) factor.
                The default value is 1.0. Takes priority over --width.
  -w, --width   Resize the PNG to a specific width, scaling the height automatically.
                The default value is the width of the source SVG.
  -q, --quiet   Be quiet, dammit!
  -h, --help    You're staring at it.