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A SVG to PNG converter, using PhantomJS.
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SVG-to-PNG Converter Using PhantomJS

You have a SVG file. For whatever reason, you need a PNG. svg2png can help.

svg2png("source.svg", "dest.png", function (err) {
    // PNGs for everyone!

Maybe you need to scale the image while converting? We can do that too:

svg2png("source.svg", "dest.png", 1.2, function (err) {
    // 1.2×-sized PNGs for everyone!

The scale factor is relative to the SVG's viewbox or width/height attributes, for the record.

svg2png is built on the latest in PhantomJS technology to render your SVGs using a headless WebKit instance. I have found this to produce much more accurate renderings than other solutions like GraphicsMagick or Inkscape. Plus, it's easy to install cross-platform due to the excellent phantomjs npm package—you don't even need to have PhantomJS in your PATH.


@skyzyx made a CLI version of this; you should go check it out if you're into using the command line.

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