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Leiningen 1

Don't use Leiningen 1. Use Leiningen 2.

Leiningen 2

  1. Install Leiningen 2.0 or later.
  2. Install the lein-joodo plugin by updating your ~/.lein/profiles.clj file.
  :user {:plugins [[joodo/lein-joodo "1.2.0"]]}
  1. Try it out!
$ lein joodo help

If all goes well you should see a helpful message printed in your console.


Creating a new Project

  1. Joodo will create a boiler plate project structure for you.
$ [lein] joodo new my_new_project
  1. Download/Install all the dependencies.
$ cd my_new_project
$ lein deps
  1. Start the development server with the following if you're using a joodo version below 2.0.0:
$ lein joodo server

When you are using a version of 2.0.0 or higher use the following command:

$ lein ring server


Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Micah Martin All Rights Reserved.

Distributed under The MIT License.

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