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Slim Tutorial

This is the companion source code for the Slim Framework First Application Walkthrough tutorial.

It is a very simple Slim project to serve as an example application of using Slim 3 with Monolog, Phinx, PHP views and Composer to manage dependencies. In order to use the application as it stands:

  • change the shell working directory to src
  • run php composer.phar install to get the dependencies
  • create database to use
  • then run php vendor/bin/phinx migrate (or vendor\bin\phinx migrate on Windows 10) to get your database set up (the config is in phinx.yml so adjust as appropriate for your platform)
  • adjust $config['db'] in public/index.php too
  • create logs/app.log and adjust permission as appropriate for your platform

Patches to both tutorial and code are welcome.