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[ note this project has been restarted at rosie_agenda. This version will continue to live as historical perspective as Rosie Agenda 00.]

Rosie Agenda 00

Many local Toastmasters clubs use the web application provided by Toastmasters International to run their meetings. The Free Toast Host application is easy to use and provides a place for members to sign up to participate in meetings.

Before a meeting, the Toastmaster of the Day typically prints the meeting agenda to distribute to meeting attendees. The format of the printed agenda at Free Toast Host is quite useable, but some clubs prefer a different layout. Rosie Agenda automates the preparation of the agenda in any format you like.

Ultimate Rosie Agenda

(not yet implemented)

Note: This is the easiest user interface I could think of – and is not yet implemented. Please comment if you have ideas to make this easier or better.

Ready to try Rosie Agenda? Follow the steps below.

  1. Create your own Rosie Agenda application at Heroku by pressing this button: —Deploy to Heroku—
  2. Visit the application you created.
  3. The application will ask for a few things:
    • The address (URL) of your club's Free Toast Host site
    • The name of the member to log in as (Please add a special non-administrator/non-privileged user to your FTH site for this purpose.)
    • A password to restrict access to the agenda-printing application
  4. Any time you visit the application, you'll be presented with the current agenda, ready to print.

If you have any difficulty, please report the problem on our Issues page.

current project status

The ultimate Rosie Agenda sounds great. Until we get there, here is the current state of the application.

  1. Change the values at the top of rosie_agenda.rb to reflect your club site address and user to log in as. (next: use environment variables or command line arguments).
  2. Run the script. The file agenda.html will be created or overwritten. (next: include the date in the file name)
  3. Open agenda.html in your web browser and print.


Custom printed agendas for Toastmasters meetings




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