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  1. Generates an archive of modules based on information in a POM to be copied to an JBoss 7 installation.

    Java 13 8

  2. Generates alias shell scripts to provide ease of use for commonly used shell commands. Documentation for the specified aliases is generated and help is available from the shell. This makes it easy …

    Java 2 1

  3. Compiles and attaches artifact metadata to be stored on an artifact server.

    Java 1 1

  4. Generates metadata on a project collected on build time.

    Java 1 4

  5. Exports images of the model to be referenced by the documentation. Interacts with a model specified in sparx systems' Enterprise Architect. Therefore a licensed version of the EA Java API is required.

    Java 1 2

  6. Provides a configuration to create alias scripts.

    XSLT 1 1


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