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SMU Centre for Computational Law

feat. a DSL with IDE and FV support that transpiles to English and to code

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  1. dsl dsl Public

    Domain Specific Languages for Computational Law

    Haskell 63 7

  2. complaw complaw Public

    Main repository for the Research Programme in Computational Law

    TeX 28 12

  3. dmnmd dmnmd Public

    Decision Model & Notation in Markdown table format

    Grammatical Framework 21 3

  4. baby-l4 baby-l4 Public

    A miniature version of the l4 language

    Grammatical Framework 6 5

  5. sandbox sandbox Public

    Learning exercises, random art, and code that will never, ever go into production

    Grammatical Framework 4 3

  6. r34_sCASP r34_sCASP Public

    Prolog 4


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