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prompt_* should not add question mark #37

friedelwolff opened this Issue · 2 comments

3 participants


Currently a question mark is added by prompt_bool() and prompt_choices() after the given prompt. Although this saves a character, it makes it impossible to provide a question without the question mark (like in other languages with different punctuation). Furthermore, I found it unintuitive to not write my question in full as I expect it to be presented to the user, and I guess a source reviewer will find my string without a question mark suspicious. Please consider not adding punctuation to the given prompt.

Thanks for flask-script!


+1 I agree with @friedelwolff about the question mark. I think it's time to change this behavior.


I'd been a little hesitant to change the current behavior, but since the next release is already looking to cause some backward incompatibilities, might as well do some spring cleaning as well. @jirikuncar thanks for another pull request.

@techniq techniq closed this in 5c73191
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