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What is differ?

A Separating Axis Theorem collision library for haxe



  • Implements Separating Axis Theorem, for collision detection.
  • Supports convex polygons, circles, and rays.
  • 2D only (for now).
  • Includes a simple drawing interface for debugging shapes
  • COLLISION ONLY. No physics/response - this is by design.
  • Contributions welcome

Quick look

A simple collision example

    var circle = new Circle( 300, 200, 50 );
    var box = Polygon.rectangle( 0, 0, 50, 150 );

    box.rotation = 45;

    var collideInfo = Collision.shapeWithShape( circle, box );

    if(collideInfo != null) {
        //use collideInfo.separationX
        //    collideInfo.separationY
        //    collideInfo.normalAxisX
        //    collideInfo.normalAxisY
        //    collideInfo.overlap

See tests/ for usage examples and tests

Other notes

API documentation


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1.4.0 (Latest release, haxelib)

  • Fixes for newer haxe versions
  • Fix Polygon.testRay ignoring 'into' parameter


The goal of this release is as follows :

  • Reduce the usage of Vector internally, simplifying the code to primitives
  • Remove allocations, myriads of them the old code had that carried over
  • Add ways to reuse allocated results for efficiency when querying
  • Add more test/example cases
  • Expose the alternative polygon vs shape overlaps to make better choices based on movement
  • Move the code more forward to be internally consistent and maintainable
  • Fix the bugs with the rays and add more useful infinite flags

All of this was achieved, with the following changes.

  • Refactor continued clean up
    • remove all allocations in SAT2D, except for results if not provided
    • refactor away internal uses of Vector
    • remove superfluous use of Vector in the API
      • ShapeDrawer: drawLine,drawPoint
      • Collision.pointInPoly
  • Added Ray infinite mode instead of boolean
    • Not infinite
    • Infinite from start position
    • Infinite in both directions
  • Added Rays test in usage0
  • Added ShapeCollision/RayCollision/RayIntersection
    • added clone(), copy_from(other), reset()
  • Added differ.math.Util
    • removes internal SAT2D use of the Vector class
  • Added into argument for all internal and external calls
    • this reuses the existing instance for the result
    • all calls will always reset the collision result
    • all direct calls still return null as "no result"
    • added Results<T> results cache helper
    • all plural calls return Results<T>
  • Fixed Bug in testCircleVsPolygon
    • When testing polygon vs circle values were flipped/wrong
  • Fixed Bug in rayVsRay with a negative overlap
  • Removed Common util class, it's internal to SAT2D and simplified now
  • Removed drawVector in ShapeDrawer, wasn't used (use drawLine if needed)


The biggest change for sure, renamed hxcollision to differ Now that the library is getting more use its better to have a consistent name and to have a more explicit path. Think of "differ" as a diff tool for shapes/rays, it tells you how shapes differ (i.e the separation).

  • Added ray collision information, rather than just true/false
  • Added ray vs ray intersection with info on overlap
  • Added more granular tests, that will expand further
    • New test case uses luxe
    • hxcollision/differ was born for luxe.collision, separate for any framework
  • Refactor continued separating code for future 3D vs 2D
    • moved all internal 2D code into differ.sat.SAT2D
    • moved all internal common code into differ.sat.Common
  • Renamed Collision.test to Collision.shapeWithShape
  • Renamed Collision.testShapes to Collision.shapeWithShapes
  • Renamed Collision.rayShape to Collision.rayWithShape
  • Renamed Collision.rayShapes to Collision.rayWithShapes
  • Renamed Collision.rayRay to Collision.rayWithRay
  • Renamed Collision.rayRays to Collision.rayWithRays
  • Renamed Collision.rayRays to Collision.rayWithRays
  • Renamed data.CollisionData to data.ShapeCollision
  • Renamed data.RayCollisionData to data.RayCollision
  • Renamed data.RayIntersectionData to data.RayIntersection
  • Removed OpenFLDrawer, will replace with gist or test later


  • Added documentation and clean up of code
  • Renamed Vector2D to Vector and cleaned up code to ONLY what is needed. This class is meant to be as small and easy to integrate as possible.
  • Refactor for easier maintaining in embedded libraries
  • Renamed BaseShape to Shape, continued refactoring
  • Renamed Collision.testShapes to Collision.test
  • Renamed Collision.testShapeList to Collision.testShapes
  • Renamed Collision.rayCollision to Collision.ray
  • Fixed various bugs in collisions
  • Fixed separation/unitVector behaviour (signs bugs)
  • Fixed bug with Polygon/Polygon collisions not returning best vectors
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't beginFill using OpenFLDrawer
  • Fixed collisionData in CheckCircles, shape2 wasn't assigned.
  • Fixed separation/unitVector is now bound to shape1 as it should be
  • Added 2 samples (usage2 & usage3)
  • Added drawVector in OpenFLDrawer showing vector direction
  • Added drawShape in ShapeDrawer, will cast proper types and call appropriate drawing functions.


  • Renamed Polygon.normalPolygon to Polygon.create
  • Added testShapeList for testing one shape with many
  • Added changes to the test to display the unitVector response (soon to be renamed also)
  • Refactor to more integration friendly api, and more logical order of arguments for shapes.
  • Fixed rotation on the base shapes absolute (submitted by @grapefrukt).
  • Added name and data flag to BaseShape


  • Fixed bug in circle vs polygon, when polygon was rotated.
  • Added line raycast with collision shapes
  • Added a custom ShapeDrawer class, for drawing the shapes in a non specific way.
  • Update to latest haxelib revisions
  • Removed dependency on OpenFL, now completely standalone


  • uncommitted internal fixes


  • Added an option for Polygon.rectangle() to be non-centered


  • Initial project pull and compile/port, functional