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What is Exhibitor?

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According to the ZooKeeper documentation

You will want to have a supervisory process that manages each of your ZooKeeper server processes (JVM).

Exhibitor is a Java supervisor system for ZooKeeper. It provides a number of features:

  • Watches a ZK instance and makes sure it is running
  • Performs periodic backups
  • Perform periodic cleaning of ZK log directory
  • A GUI explorer for viewing ZK nodes
  • A rich REST API


  • It’s assumed that you are familiar with ZooKeeper and the basics of administering it (see the ZooKeeper Administrator’s Guide for details).
  • Exhibitor is a Java-based application
  • Exhibitor is designed to be run on Unix/Linux based systems (as is Apache ZooKeeper).
  • The java CLI tool jps must be in the command line PATH.

Important Facts About Exhibitor

  • Exhibitor manages your zoo.cfg and myid files. Do not edit these manually as Exhibitor will overwrite them.
  • In addition to the standard ZooKeeper ports, your firewall must have Exhibitor’s HTTP port open as each Exhibitor instance communicates with the others for status.

Maven / Artifacts

Exhibitor binaries are published to Maven Central.

GroupID/Org ArtifactID/Name Description exhibitor-standalone Self-containing, runnable version of Exhibitor (as an application or a WAR file) exhibitor-core Library version of Exhibitor that can be integrated into your application
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