Restore UI

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Exhibitor will periodically backup ZooKeeper transaction log files. Given the nature of data stored in ZooKeeper, however, it wouldn’t make sense to restore an entire transaction log. Most of the data stored in ZooKeeper is ephemeral. Exhibitor resolves this issue by allowing you to index ZooKeeper transaction logs. You can then selectively restore individual transactions.

To create a new index, click the New Index button.


From this dialog, you can choose to index the current ZooKeeper transaction logs, a specific transaction log somewhere on disk, or a backed-up transaction log.

The main Restore panel shows your current set of indexed logs.


Select one of the logs and click the Open button. From the dialog box that opens, you can see all the transactions from the log.

View Index

You can also filter the transactions displayed by clicking the Filter button.

Filter Index

Click on one of the transactions and click the Restore button to “play back” the transaction.