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Configuration UI

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Exhibitor relies on shared configuration. Please see the separate wiki on Shared Configuration.


Path Configuration

Configuration Description
ZooKeeper Install Dir The local path to the ZooKeeper installation
ZooKeeper Data Dir The local path to store ZooKeeper data

IMPORTANT: Exhibitor will stay in the “latent” state until the Path Configuration values have been set.

Ensemble Configuration

Configuration Description
Servers List of servers in the ensemble (comma separated). Each server should be in the form [Type]:[Server Id]:[Hostname]. The type should be either “S” for a standard server or “O” for an observer instance.
Additional Config Any additional values to add to zoo.cfg
java.env script Script to write as the “java.env” file which gets executed as part of the ZooKeeper start script. Optional – leave blank for no file. Contents of the file. Optional – leave blank for no file.

Ports Configuration

Configuration Description
Client Port The ZooKeeper client port (usually 2181)
Connect Port The ZooKeeper connect port (usually 2888)
Election Port The ZooKeeper election port (usually 3888)

Automatic Instance Management Configuration

Fixed Ensemble Size If non-zero, automatic instance management will attempt to keep the ensemble at this fixed size.
Settling Period Automatic Server List management will wait this long until the ZooKeeper ensemble has settled – i.e. no changes in quorum, etc. – before adding/removing instances.
Observer Threshold Marks which instances are made Observers by automatic instance management. Instances below this number are normal instances. Instances from this number and up are Observers.
All At Once If set to ‘yes’, automatic instance management will apply changes all at once instead of via rolling config change. Experience has shown that rolling config changes can lead to runtime problems with the ZooKeeper ensemble.

Miscellaneous Configuration

Log Index Dir The local path to store indexed ZooKeeper transaction logs
Live Check How often (in milliseconds) to check the ZooKeeper instance
Cleanup Period How often (in milliseconds) to run the ZooKeeper log cleanup task
Cleanup: Max Log Files The value to pass the ZooKeeper log cleanup task for maximum log files

Backup Configuration

Backup Period How often (in milliseconds) to backup ZooKeeper transaction logs
Max Save The maximum age (in milliseconds) for backed up logs before being garbage collected/deleted

The remaining config depends on what type of Backup you have selected.

File System Backup

Configuration Description
Destination Path Path to the directory to store backups

Amazon S3

Configuration Description
Throttle Data throttling. Maximum bytes per millisecond when performing I/O to Amazon
S3 Bucket Name The S3 bucket to use
Max Retries Maximum retries when uploading/downloading S3 data
Retry Sleep Sleep time in milliseconds when retrying
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