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Vuejs 2 components for interacting with mapbox-gl-js
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Combine powers of Vue.js and Mapbox Gl JS

Vue-mapbox is wrapper around Mapbox GL JS library that provides vueish-way to interact with the map.

Description and documentation


~ 15 kB minified and gzipped

Browser compatibility

Coming soon


git clone
cd vue-mapbox
npm install

Running in dev mode:

npm run serve

Build for production:

npm run build


Documentation use VuePress 1.0. Documentations source palced in docs_source directory and builds into docs directory

Start documentation site in development mode:

npm run docs:serve

Build documentation:

npm run docs:build

Inspired by KoRiGaN's Vue2Leaflet.




Just fork development branch and create PR when your work is done. Please ensure you are not added dist files.

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