SockJS websocket transport layer for SocketStream 0.3
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SockJS Websocket Transport for SocketStream

SockJS transport integration is built into SocketStream 0.5.0

You can read more about the benefits of SockJS here: (server) (client)


To use SockJS in your app, first add install SockJS:

$ npm install sockjs --save

Then add the following to your app.'sockjs');

That's it! The necessary client-side code will automatically be sent to the browser and you don't need to change a line of your application code.


Options can be passed directly to the server or client SockJS library. For example, to override the default log function on the server and turn on debugging in the client use:'sockjs', {
  client: {
    debug: true
  server: {
    log: function(severity, message){
      console.log('Custom logger >>>', severity, message);

Known issues

  1. This is the very first release - expect some issues
  2. SockJS does not handle reconnection as well as Socket.IO. This will be investigated and improved in future

Pull requests welcome on socketstream/socketstream!