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SODA Foundation

Open Source Ecosystem under Linux Foundation for Complete Data Autonomy for Edge, Core and Cloud | SODA is SODA Open Data Autonomy!


  1. soda Public

    SODA Open Data Framework and Releases. (Previously known as 'releases').

    213 29

  2. api Public

    SODA Terra Project API module : is an open source implementation of SODA API connecting storage to platforms like Kubernetes, OpenStack, and VMware

    Go 819 335

  3. dock Public

    SODA Terra Project DOCK module : is an open source implementation for the unified interface to connect heterogeneous storage backends.

    Go 24 15

  4. nbp Public

    NorthBoundPlugins for platforms and clients to connect to SODA Data Framework

    Go 51 40

  5. multi-cloud Public

    SODA Strato (Multi-cloud) project provides a cloud vendor agnostic data management for hybrid cloud, intercloud or intracloud. This project is renamed as 'Strato'

    HTML 228 328

  6. delfin Public

    delfin is the SODA Infrastructure Manager project which provides unified, intelligent and scalable resource management, alert and performance monitoring

    Python 205 337