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it's like git with an s between the i and t
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gist: it's like git with an s between the i and t, on the command line


Using conscript

cs softprops/gist


Gist is a client of a github service. You will need a github login to do useful things like:


gist auth ghuser:ghpass

Answer an age old question

gist whoami


gist auth -d

List your gists

gist ls

List list everyones gists

gist ls -p

List a specific user's gists

gist user :login

Show a gist

gist show :id

Show a gists contents

gist cat :id

Make a gist from arguments

git -c 'some text' -n 'a name'

Make a gist from a stream

cat file | gist -- -n 'a name'

Make a gist private

 gist - :id

Make a gist public

gist + :id

Star a gist

gist star :id

Unstart a gist

gist start :id -d

Delete a gist

gist rm :id

Doug Tangren (softprops) 2012

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