The mobile app of written in React Native
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Noder - A React-Native Client for

A new mobile app powered by React-Native and Redux.




For local development you need to follow the below commands:

git clone
npm install

Click the run button in Xcode, if something went wrong, you need to rebuild all packages that be used in this project with Xcode (Just select the package and press command+B to run compile).

If you want to run it on your iPhone, please follow the Offical Doc.

If you don't want to update the ip manually, please run:

gulp replace

BTW, here is a prettier command, just run:

npm start

The ip will be replaced automatically.

If you want to run it on your Browser (localhost:3000), please run:

react-web start



React-Native Modules In Using

This project is heavily influenced by the above modules.

ToDo List

  • Push Notification
  • Fix the below bugs
    • In ListView, sometime items on the bottom can't be refreshed
    • ListView take too much memory
    • HTML to native View render take too much memory and CPU time
  • Add Unit testing

Change log

Please read CHANGELOG


If you find any issues, just solve it and make a PR.

This project is under the ES6 JSX.


MIT License