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SONM sidechain explorer
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SONM blockchain explorer

SONM blockchain explorer is a explorer for Ethereum based chains, written basically for SONM sidechain. In other this must be used for any chain.

This explorer collects chain data through web3 interface, extract and save to postgres in relation based model.

For viewing used web based application written by react and postgres service for access to database from frontend.


  • block viewer
  • transaction viewer
  • address viewer with related history
  • erc20 token transfer detection
  • related address's page, eg contract page
  • configurable following contracts
  • search by address, transaction or block number
  • relation base data model
  • fast filler with configurable concurrency


You should have installed:

  • git
  • make
  • go (>1.12)
  • node (>8) and npm
  • postgres (>11)
  • for proper run you should have your own ethereum node with synced state.


  1. clone the repo:
git clone
  1. apply database scheme
// install migration tool
go get -v
// set postgres credentials and database name
vi ./dbconfig.yml
// migrate
sql-migrate up
  1. build and run filler service:
// compile filler binary
make -C backend build
// pass database and web3 endpoint to config
vi ./backend/etc/filler.yaml
// run the filler
./backend/target/filler --config=./backend/etc/filler.yaml
  1. run postgrest service download or compile postgrest binary following this instruction
./postgrest /path/to/postgrest.conf
  1. build frontend:
vi ./frontend/src/config.ts
make -C frontend node_modules build
open ./frontend/build/index.html
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