Create and run processing sketches in Vim. Development repository for vim script 2115.
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Vim processing

Development version of vim script #2115. Originally authored by Szabolcs Horvát, and extended by Erich Heine and others (see below for a full list), this plugin exists to allow vim to replace the Processing IDE to develop sketches.


  1. Syntax Highlighting for the Processing language: processing.vim will properly highlight sketches, based on the processing keywords.txt file. This includes processing functions and Java types and keywords as well.

  2. Documentation lookup - pressing K in when over a keyword, type or function defined by processing will open a browser to the relevant documentation. (Currently this requires python support compiled into vim)

  3. Integrates with Vim's compiler support. Sketches can be run directly from Vim using the :make command. They are run via the processing-java command. This tool is used to run sketches outside of the Processing editor, and is supplied with Processing itself. Make sure processing-java is in your PATH before trying to run it from vim-processing.

    (MacOSX users will need to install the processing-java command from the Processing IDE before using this functionality)

  4. Folding can be enabled by defining "g:processing_fold". :let g:processing_fold = 1

For more usage information See :help processing-intro.


Use your favorite plugin manager, or download from vimscripts and unzip it in ~/.vim/


The full list of contributors to this project:

  • Szabolcs Horvát (@szhorvat)
  • Erich Heine (@sophacles)
  • Guy John (@rumblesan)
  • Richard Gray (@vortura)
  • Crazy Master (@crazymaster)
  • Vítor Galvão (@vitorgalvao)


Copyright (c) the contributors to the project. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.