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jQuery.counter (javascript + css3)
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jQuery.counter (javascript + css3)

Info + Demo:

jQuery Counter

A jQuery counter based on with more options.


Options can be set by attribute data-<name>="value" or in the options hash on counter initialization: $(element).counter({name: value, ...})

direction: up|down Counter direction

format: string Defines the format and the limit for each part - e.g: 23:59:59

interval: number Defines the time between each counter increment - by default 1000 milliseconds

stop: string Defines the counter limit - eg: 10:00 (ten minutes)


Methods can be call using $(element).counter('method')

play Play counter

reset Reset counter

stop Stop counter


counterStop Raised when the counter reach limit


10 seconds countdown:

<span class="counter counter-analog">0:10</span>

120 seconds count:

<span class="counter counter-analog" data-direction="up" data-format="120">0</span>


MIT License

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