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Official SoundCloud Javascript SDK
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SoundCloud JavaScript SDK


The SoundCloud JavaScript SDK lets you easily integrate SoundCloud into your website or web app.

In most cases it's highly recommended that you use the hosted version from in your website. This README provides development-related information.


  • npm
  • - coffee-script
  • - uglify-js
  • - jslint


To check out the repository locally and initialize all submodules in vendor/, run:

$ git clone
$ cd soundcloud-javascript
$ git submodule update --init
$ npm install

To build the release version in build/, just run:

$ make build

To run the tests or use sdk.js, run this from either the top level of your repo or build/:

$ bin/server

The file sdk.js will automatically compile all coffeescript files in src/ on the fly when loaded. For sdk.js to work it must be accessed from instead of http://localhost:9090.


To run the tests, just start an HTTP server in the project root and navigate to http://yourhost/test/test.html. In development mode the tests will automatically compile the coffeescript on each reload. In build mode the tests will load the compiled sdk.js.

Repository Structure

  • build/ — contains compiled JS (as it's hosted on
  • src/ — contains coffeescript source code
  • vendor/ — includes git submodules of external projects
  • test/ — tests live here
  • examples/ — here there be examples
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