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    Newscoop is the open content management system for professional journalists. Features for the modern newsroom include multiple author management, issue-and-section based publishing, geolocation and multilingual content management. The enterprise-standard journalist’s dashboard and a templating engine supporting anything from HTML5 to mobile comp…

    PHP GPL-3.0 152 244 14 7 Updated Jul 10, 2018


    Airtime is Sourcefabric’s open source radio software for scheduling and remote station management. Airtime provides a reliable audio playout with sub-second precision, an improved interface with modern usability features, advanced user management supporting roles and a Google-style calendar to schedule and move shows and playlists.

    PHP 265 584 0 7 Updated May 18, 2018


    Forked from kmturley/angular-sir-trevor

    AngularJS block-based editor inspired by Sir Trevor JS

    JavaScript 8 1 0 0 Updated Sep 22, 2015

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