documentation generator & other tools for protobuf/gRPC
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This repository holds various Protobuf/gRPC tools:


protoc-gen-doc is a Protobuf compiler plugin for generating HTML documentation from .proto files using standard Go HTML template files.


protoc-gen-json is a Protobuf compiler plugin for generating a JSON dump file for the protoc plugin generation request. It is primarily useful for running tests without invoking protoc directly (e.g. via the Go testing suite).


protoc-gen-dump is just like protoc-gen-json except it dumps output in protobuf format itself. It's much better than protoc-gen-json if you can make use of it because there are certain fields (e.g. extensions) which are explicitly marked as non-JSON-encodable. If you wish to retain e.g. grpc-gateway google.api.http annotations, you'll need to make use of protoc-gen-dump instead of protoc-gen-json.