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Package syntaxhighlight provides syntax highlighting for code. It currently uses a language-independent lexer and performs decently on JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Python, Go, and C.

The main AsHTML(src []byte) ([]byte, error) function outputs HTML that uses the same CSS classes as google-code-prettify, so any stylesheets for that should also work with this package.

Documentation on Sourcegraph

Build Status status


go get -u github.com/sourcegraph/syntaxhighlight

First you should install the golang evironment, you can download it here or you can follow the getting started

Remember you should set the environment variables correctly (GOPATH and PATH)

Example usage

The function AsHTML(src []byte) ([]byte, error) returns an HTML-highlighted version of src. The input source code can be in any language; the lexer is language independent.

package syntaxhighlight_test

import (


func Example() {
    src := []byte(`
/* hello, world! */
var a = 3;

// b is a cool function
function b() {
  return 7;

    highlighted, err := syntaxhighlight.AsHTML(src)
    if err != nil {


    // Output:
    // <span class="com">/* hello, world! */</span>
    // <span class="kwd">var</span> <span class="pln">a</span> <span class="pun">=</span> <span class="dec">3</span><span class="pun">;</span>
    // <span class="com">// b is a cool function</span>
    // <span class="kwd">function</span> <span class="pln">b</span><span class="pun">(</span><span class="pun">)</span> <span class="pun">{</span>
    //   <span class="kwd">return</span> <span class="dec">7</span><span class="pun">;</span>
    // <span class="pun">}</span>


Contributions are welcome! Submit a pull request on GitHub.