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SourceLevel - Guidelines

This repository was created to document our guidelines and styleguides maintaining our apps.

As Hugo Giraudel states in Sass Guidelines:

A styleguide is not just a pleasing document to read, picturing an ideal state for your code. It is a key document in a project’s life, describing how and why code should be written. It may look like overkill for small projects, but it helps a lot in keeping the codebase clean, scalable and easily maintainable.

Needless to say, the more developers involved on a project, the more code guidelines are needed. Along the same lines, the bigger the project, the more a styleguide is a must.

And Harry Roberts from CSS Guidelines:

A coding styleguide (note, not a visual styleguide) is a valuable tool for teams who:

  • build and maintain products for a reasonable length of time;
  • have developers of differing abilities and specialisms;
  • have a number of different developers working on a product at any given time;
  • on-board new staff regularly;
  • have a number of codebases that developers dip in and out of.

Our purpose is to define a standard way to write code in a clear and semantic form. We care a lot with code legibility and always worried if other developers will understand easily what we're doing and how we're thinking about code..

The entire team should contribute with this repo, giving suggestions and making changes on it. Welcome!

First-timer? We recommend start reading General/Editor and then Process Workflow :)

Our Guidelines



  • Detail how to maintain this guide
  • Find a better tool to draw concept/branch node map
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