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osFileManager 2.2

This is no longer supported.

For a more modern file browser see or visit

Created by Devin Smith, July 1st 2003

PHP Filemanager. Includes User CP, Admin CP, and many basic file creation/modifying tools. Alows user defined themes as well. File Functions include: List, Open, View, Edit, Create, Upload, Rename and Move. User Functions include: Change password, and Change color scheme. Admin Functions include: New user, Edit user, Delete user.


  1. Open "index.php" is a text editor and set the configuration variables.
  2. Upload the file "index.php" and the two folders "files" and "public" to you web server.
  3. CHMOD the any directorys you plan to upload or edit files from to "0777". This includes "files" and "public"
  4. Run the sql in the "users.sql" file.
  5. Open "index.php" in your web browser and login.

Default users:

  • u: admin / p: password
  • u: root / p: password