Compaq/HP SmartArray monitoring commandline tool / nagios check
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use this to check the status of a HP (compaq) arraycontroller.

By default it runs in a non verbose mode that can be used as a nagios check. The output is a single line of information about the worst state found. (If one logical drive is recovering and a second drive is in interim recovery mode. It will only report the failing drive.) The exitcodes can be used to determine the severity. Critical = 2; Warning = 1; Normal = 0

With the -r flag it prints details information on what is going on and it prints the complete cciss event history.

Use the -f flag to specify which device to check for problems. If the device is controlled by the ida driver, put the -i flag on the commandline. Without -f it will check both /dev/cciss/c0d0 (cciss mode) and /dev/ida/c0d0 (ida mode). This is usually good enough for most modern systems. 

Report mode including;
Product name (boardid)
Drive array size, fault tolerance (RAID etc) and maybe recovery status in % when available
Serial number. But ROM version/backup rom would be also useful for activity with the HP support