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BigTime Watch Kit

BigTime Watch Kit
BigTime Watch Kit (KIT-11178)

BigTime is an open source hardware kit that allows the user to build their own watch.

Repository Contents

  • /Enclosure - 3D files for watch enclosure
  • /Firmware - Firmware that ships on the BigTime watch and any example sketches available
  • /Hardware - All Eagle design files (.brd, .sch)

Product Versions

  • KIT-11178 - BigTime Watch Kit
  • KIT-11210 - Learn to Solder BigTime Watch Kit
  • KIT-11653 - Learn to Solder BigTime (EU edition, 230VAC)
  • RTL-11054 - Retail package of BigTime Watch Kit

Version History

  • v1.0 Initial code release 7-17-2011
  • v1.1 Added rough support for other display colors 8-19-2011

License Information

The hardware design is released under CC-SA v3 license.

The firmware is released under a modified Beerware license:

This project is forked with permission from Spikenzie labs' Solder:Time kit that is not open source. We really wanted to make the watch kits easier to hack so we combine the two ICs (a PIC and an RTC) into one (the ATmega328). We also rewrote all the code in C/Arduino so that it is easier to maintain and hack. We also reduced the current consumption so that you should get an estimated 2 years of run time on a single CR2032 cell!