Fun and basic example code for the Danger Shield. Includes layout files.
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Danger Shield

Danger Shield
Danger Shield (DEV-10570)

This is the layout and example code for the Danger Shield product by SparkFun Electronics. It demonstrates each feature of the shield. Move one of the sliders to get a different sound out of the buzzer. Move another slider to change the digit being displayed on the seven segment display. Move the last slider to change the brightness of one of the two status LEDs. Press one of the large buttons to toggle on/off the status LED. Cover the light sensor to 'scare' the unit.

The idea of a Danger Shield was originally created by Zach Hoeken (

Repository Contents

  • /Firmware - Example Arduino Sketch
  • /Hardware - All Eagle design files (.brd, .sch)

Product History

DEV-09597 - retired
The original version of the Danger Shield which has since been retired.

DEV-10115 - retired
Second version which introduced a knock sensor and a new temperature sensor. Has since been retired.

DEV-10570 - current version
This newest version introduces a capacitive touch sensor. All code in this repository will work best with this version.

License Information

The hardware is released under Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0.
The code is public domain but you buy me a beer if you use this and we meet someday (Beerware license).