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IOIO-OTG (DEV-11343)

The IOIO-OTG is a development board specifically designed for advanced hardware I/O capapbilities to your Android or PC application. This board also allows the user to leverage USB On-The-Go specification to connect as a host or as an accessory.

Repository Contents

  • /Hardware - All Eagle design files (.brd, .sch, .STL)
  • /Production - Test bed files and production panel files


Product Versions

Version History

  • v2.2b - GitHub files v2.2b
  • v2.1 - GitHub files v2.1

License Information

This product is open source!

Please review the LICENSE.md file for license information.

If you have any questions or concerns on licensing, please contact techsupport@sparkfun.com.

Distributed as-is; no warranty is given.

  • Your friends at SparkFun.

The IOIO is a collaboration with Ytai Ben-Tsvi. You can find his repo here.