Battery Shield for the Spark Photon. Has a charging circuit, as well as a fuel gauge.
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Jim Lindblom
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SparkFun Photon Battery Shield

SparkFun Photon Battery Shield

SparkFun Photon Battery Shield (DEV-13626)

The SparkFun Photon Battery Shield provides you with an easy way to power your Photon module with a Lithium polymer battery. Not only can the Battery Shield power you Photon but you will also be able to charge a LiPo bettery through it as well. The board comes with a JST connector for your single cell LiPo battery and utilizes the Photons on-board micro-USB connector for the charge input.

This battery shield uses a MCP73831 for LiPo charging and a MAX1704X for fuel gauging.

Repository Contents

  • /Hardware - Eagle design files (.brd, .sch)
  • /Production - Production panel files (.brd)
  • /Libraries - Firmware library and example code for the Particle Photon.


Product Versions

  • DEV-13626- V1.0 release of the Photon Battery Shield.

License Information

This product is open source!

The hardware is released under Creative Commons ShareAlike 4.0 International.

The code license can be found in the source directory.

Please use, reuse, and modify these files as you see fit. Please maintain attribution to SparkFun Electronics and release anything derivative under the same license.

Distributed as-is; no warranty is given.

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