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SIKIO Introduction

This is the home base for everything SIKIO (a.k.a. SparkFun Inventors Kit for the IOIO-OTG). The SIKIO provides 7 projects, that allow you to control various pieces of external hardware (servo, LED, etc.) with a IOIO-OTG, via an Android app. This is accomplished by simply writing code in Processing and loading it onto your Android. The Android app will control both the user interface on your Android and the hardware connected to the IOIO-OTG.

The context of the kit will be presented at an intermediate level; meaning we hope you know some very basics about electronic hardware and writing code, although motivated beginners are welcome. We will begin with simple experiments and move to more fun and engaging topics, in both hardware and software. Hopefully, by the end of the kit, you will have the tools to create your own Android app that controls a unique piece of hardware!

If this is your first time here and you have a SIKIO sitting in front of you ready to go, follow the links below, in order.

User Documentation

Developer Documentation


Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

Authors: Aaron Weiss, Ben Leduc-Mills, Jordan McConnell @ SparkFun Electonics

IOIO-OTG: Ytai Ben-Tsvi