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Topos Bundle, by Phill Sparks
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LICENSE Updated bundle layout for Laravel 3.0 launch Feb 21, 2012

Τόπος Bundle

A HTML Menu Generator for Laravel


Install via the Artisan CLI:

php artisan bundle:install topos

Or download the zip and unpack into your bundles directory.

 Bundle Registration

You need to register topos with your application before you can use it. Simply edit application/bundles.php and add the following to the array:

'topos' => array(
    'autoloads' => array(
        'map' => array(
            'Topos\\Menu' => '(:bundle)/menu.php',

Alternatively you can add just 'topos' and use Bundle::start('topos') each time before you want to use it.


Generate a simple navigation menu ('ul' is default):

echo Topos\Menu::make(array('class' => 'menu'), 'ol')
    ->link('', 'Home')
    ->link('blog', 'Blog')
    ->link('about', 'About')
    ->link('contact', 'Contact')

 Optional menu items

You can also use ->link_if($test, $url, $label) to conditionally add items, test can be any callback or boolean.

echo Topos\Menu::make()
    ->link('', 'Home')
    ->link('blog', 'Blog')
    // Only show the admin item if we're in admin area
    ->link_if(URI::is('admin(/*)?'), 'admin', 'Admin')
    // Only show the logout link if we're logged in
    ->link_if(Auth::check(), 'logout', 'Logout')


You can use ->divider($title, $attributes) to add dividers (non-link items); useful for sidebar menus.

echo Topos\Menu::make()
    ->divider('Section 1')
    ->link('', 'Home')
    ->link('blog', 'Blog')
    // Only show Section 2 if we're logged in
    ->divider_if(Auth::check(), 'Section 2')
    ->link_if(Auth::check(), 'me', 'Profile')
    ->link_if(Auth::check(), 'logout', 'Logout')
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