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sshclient is a lightweight ssh/scp library for node.

sshclient doesn't support interactivity, so you need to set up your remote server to allow login without a password (google: 'ssh login without a password').



var ssh = new SSH({
	hostname: 'server'
	, user: 'user'
	, port: 22

ssh.command('echo', 'test', function(procResult) {


var scp = new SCP({
	hostname: 'server'
	, user: 'user'

scp.upload('myfile', 'path/to/remote/dir/', function(procResult) {
});'remotefile', 'path/to/local/dir/', function(procResult) {

For more examples, see the tests.


$ npm install node-sshclient

Running tests

To run tests, simply enter:

$ npm test

(note that in mocha.opts --timeout is set to 25seconds to test connect fail - you may want to change it depending on your test system).

Note: set the hostname variable to your server's hostname to succeed with the tests (or add testhostname to ~/.ssh/config with the proper settings).