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A variety of plugins for the Code::Blocks IDE that will be useful for python programmers. Plugins include:

  • Code completion
  • Visual debugger
  • Python interpreter console

All plugins assume that python is installed and in the system path.

Code Completion

  • Uses the jedi completion lib (must be installed)
  • Provides completion tips for any open python source file
  • TODO: Symbol browser pane, showing docstrings alongside completion hints,


Visual Debugger

  • Uses pdb (installed by default in any python)
  • TODO: add support for rpdb2

To use it, make the python debugger the active debugger from the debugger menu


Then open a source file and press Debug/Continue (from the Debugger toolbar or the Debugger menu).


Python Interpreter Console

  • Run multiple python interpreters sessions inside a dockable pane in Code::Blocks
  • Features syntax highlighting and automatic indentation in the code input control
  • TODO: Handling stdin (e.g. raw_input), code completion hints, syntax error hints, extracting code/output from the I/O control, numbering instructions and output(?)


Show the interpreters panel using the View menu:


Each interpreter has 2 panes, one for editing and submitting blocks of code, the other for displaying the history of submitted statements and any output


When the code control has the keyboard focus, press

  • 'Enter' with the keyboard positioned at the end of your block of code to submit it to the interpreter
  • 'Ctrl-Up' and 'Ctrl-Down' to browse through the history of previously submitted statements.

Ready Built Binaries

Coming soon ...

Building from Source

There are two Code::Blocks projects for each of the plugins (one for Windows and one for Linux) and the XmlRpcEmbedder library that is used to control remote python processes from Code::Blocks. There is also a workspace file for Windows and Linux containing all of the projects.

Use the "All" target to compile against Code::Blocks that you have built yourself. Read more about building Code::Blocks at the Code::Blocks Wiki

Use the "cbplugin" target to be able to install into a pre-built Code::Blocks (you must compile against the headers that were used to create that version of Code::Blocks and link against the pre-built Code::Blocks library files)

For the cbplugin targets, the plugins that use it should be statically linked against the XmlRpcEmbedder lib if you want to be able to install the plugins as cbplugin packages.

Get Help

Use the issues to report problems or get support at the Code::Blocks Forums


Python Plugins for the Code::Blocks IDE






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